iGalleryKathyClem Upcoming Projects

_J2A1072.jpg“G is for Gourmet” a Photography Installation by Kathy Clem© 2016

Due to the pandemic, iGalleryKathyClem is closed.

Future projects:

2022 “L is for Love” photography, collage, drawing, and painting.

2022 “C is for Cancelled” a performance video.

2022 “S is for Spells” sculptural books.

2023 “D is for DNA” a pop-up book project.

2025 “H is for Henry” a screenplay/installation for a movie about my grandfather.

2027 “E is for Essence” a virtual reality painting and drawing project.

Anderson Arts Building (Former Fabrics and Findings Building) 250 North Goodman Street, Suite 312, Rochester, NY 14607

Email Contact:       kathyclem@me.com